Emily Kristofferson


Emily Kristoffferson My name is Emily Kristofferson and I teach entrepreneurs how to implement online marketing to grow their revenue and take their message + services to a larger audience. Steps, sequence and systems.

When we work together, magic happens. I can help you:

  • create a plan + timeline for all your marketing efforts
  • build systems that streamline your business
  • plan a launch and build your list
  • pinpoint what you love doing + brainstorm your offerings
  • develop effective strategies that match your skills and your schedule

Are you + your business ready for the next level?

Monthly webinars for entrepreneurs.

30 minutes of helpful + uncomplicated
business advice each month.

For free.

I know you’re busy.
And I know you don’t have time for sales pitches disguised as information.

The Training Circle is a monthly call for entrepreneurs + small businesses.
No sales pitches, no padding.
Just quick, instantly-implementable ideas for your business.

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