Emily Kristofferson


Emily Kristofferson One thing is for sure:

You were meant to do this.

You’re here on a mission.  There’s no looking back.

And you’ve been working so hard that your kids forget what you look like without your Macbook.

It’s time to have the income to show for it.

Maybe, you’ve invested thousands (eek!) on masterminds, training programs, virtual courses, blueprints, etc.

You’ve changed your mindset.
Your virtual bookshelf is FULL of workbooks and e-books.
Your Facebook alerts never stop beeping from the 10+ different private groups you’re a part of.

But, for some reason, you still feel… alone.

(And like an information-hoarder.)

The problem?

Is that there’s always more to do.

And you’re still not quite sure how to make these tips & tricks work for you.

Or how to implement them for your business.

I’ve got great news for you.  Making good money in your business now:

Is not about how often you post on Facebook,
where you move your opt-in,
or which headshot you choose.

Those are just tactics.

It’s about how well you stick to your own strategy.

I’m Emily Kristofferson and I’ve spent years behind the scenes behind successful and not-so-successful online businesses.

I’ve seen not only what works and what doesn’t, but why. (Hint: it’s hardly ever about how often you post on Facebook).

It’s not about the tactics, it’s about the strategy.

My job? Is to help you create one.
(and make sure you stick with it!)

When we work together, magic happens. Learn more here.