Emily Kristofferson

Benefits and Value

How Will Partnering with Me Benefit YOU?

My Virtual Assistance will provide you with…

  • a more balanced workload leading to peace of mind and reduced stress
  • expert solutions
  • professional, reliable and efficient support
  • knowledge of best business practices
  • a partner who will take responsibility to co-ordinate, solve problems and be proactive

So stop spinning your wheels!  For the professional help you need with specific tasks and projects, let me virtually assist you with my recommendations, strategies and expertise.

The Bottom Line

Investing in my virtual assistance increases your likelihood of success and will more than pay for itself.  I work on a retainer basis or per project.  Therefore, you ony pay for the hours you use of my time, since I am a consultant, not my clients’ employee.

My Rates

Monthly Retainer Option
This option guarantees my availability and ensures your work comes first. A set number of hours each month will be set aside to focus solely on your business. The retained hours can be as low as 10 hours each month. Retainer clients benefit from complimentary 30-minute strategy sessions twice each month and a generous discount on the hourly rate.

To find out more information about the Monthly Retainer Option, schedule an appointment with me today!

Prepaid Time Blocks
This option is for those clients not ready for retainer packages and is ideal for those looking for short-term support.

Block of 10 hours = $550 CDN
Block of 20 hours = $1050 CDN

These blocks expire after sixty days and unused hours are non-refundable.

If you are not sure how many hours you will require on a monthly basis, the prepaid time blocks are good for those just getting started. We can transition you into a retainer option at any time.

To get a quote customized to your needs, contact me today!