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Build Your List and Bring In Clients

Let’s create some serious momentum in your business by looking at how warm your prospects are, and how to turn up the temperature (in a good way).

There is the marketing concept of cold, warm, and hot prospects.

A cold prospect is someone who is brand new to you. They are usually seeing or hearing about you and your marketing for the first time.

A warm prospect has been exposed to your marketing, and they could be on your email list or in your Facebook group.

A hot prospect is someone who has contacted you as a result of your marketing or they’ve been referred (remember I shared how to get more referrals and how hot they are).

My first launch in my own business was in August of 2013. I hadn’t ever made an offer to my list before, so there were a lot of unknowns. (True for anyone who hasn’t launched to their list – you don’t know how they will respond until you do it. A good reason to launch sooner rather than later.)

I ended up getting 5 new private clients that fall as a result of my launch, and it was a positive experience. What’s interesting, as I looked back, is that 4 out of the 5 were warmed up already. Meaning that they had had previous interaction with me before that launch. The one client saw a post on Facebook, signed up for my free call and then signed up to work with me (and paid in full), but she was the exception.

This is true for my clients as well. Most people who sign up from a single call, will likely have been on your list for some time, and/or you have had interactions with them before the launch.

And this is why I love using list building to bring in clients. You’re able to provide consistent communication and value, which leads to warmth. And warmth leads to trust. And trust leads to paying clients. Most importantly, you’re doing it in a leveraged way.

Now, people mistakenly think that if you just build an email list it will equal money, which is not true at all. Simply emailing your list is a low level of intimacy. Other marketing that allows for interaction, or allows your audience to see or hear you, is also important to building the relationship and warming up your prospects.

Usually the more someone interacts with you, the more warmed up they will be. This could be interactions on social media, opening emails, time on your website, participation in a free challenge or on a webinar, or actual personal conversations with you!

For your email list, remember that we all receive so many emails, and if someone is regularly opening yours, and especially if they’re clicking through to your blog or website or a web page, they are most likely engaged. And being engaged is vital.

Just like how there are three temperatures for prospects, there are three levels of intimacy – low, medium and high. Something like reading emails or blog posts is a lower level of intimacy, whereas having a conversation with someone is a high level of intimacy. It is much easier to lead to a paying client if you’ve had, or you’re having a conversation with a prospect, than if they are simply reading a blog post or page on your site.

You can’t expect to send an email to two to your list and then have money flowing in. It just doesn’t work that way. You want to consider marketing activities at the different levels of intimacy to be effective for the prospects at all levels of warmth.

This doesn’t have to be complicated or require any technical savvy. It could be as simple as committing to showing up every single day for your business and for your audience (whether you feel like it or not). You do need an email marketing service to capture and communicate with your prospects in a leveraged way.

In order to even have prospects to nurture, you begin with a lead magnet. Lead is another word for prospect and in online marketing it’s someone who has filled out a form giving their email address. The lead magnet is the very start of the relationship that you’ll continue to nurture through your emails and other marketing activities.

Email marketing may not be the shiniest or sexiest tactic, but it’s still the most effective when it comes to bringing in clients and cash.

That’s why I’m offering a private coaching and consulting intensive called:

Build Your List and Bring In Clients

We’ll look inside your business and come up with a plan that will work FOR YOU — not some cookie-cutter plan that might work for some.

Here’s some of what we can do together:

  • Get crystal-clear on your messaging
  • Identify the best strategies for you to get visible and build your list
  • Create a simplified 90-day marketing plan to build your list and bring in clients
  • Work through your limiting beliefs so that you can show up confidently
  • Create a content plan that allows you to be consistent while generating leads


  • 90-minute Skype session.

    You’ll leave this session with absolute clarity. You’ll know the best avenues to reach the people who need you most and how to attract the right clients.

  • 30-minute Follow Up session.

    This session is designed to support you to keep moving forward, allow you to ask me any questions you feel stuck on, and to create your next action step. You’ll also get inspired to continue taking action.

  • Optional 4-hours of implementation work.

    I can be hands-on in your business by providing 4 hours of implementation time. Let me take care of some of the technical pieces that make you want to pull your hair out!

I’ve been behind-the-scenes of some very successful online businesses over the last five years. “Build Your List and Bring In Clients” not only leverages my years of trial and error with my own business, but it adds everything I’ve learned from managing my clients’ businesses — and brings all of this expertise right to your business doorstep.

Let me help craft a plan that’s right FOR YOU. This special offer ends April 11, 2017.

90-minute Intensive + 30-minute follow-up: $247 – Sign up here


90-minute Intensive + 30-minute follow-up + 4-hour implementation: $447 – Sign up here

EK Amy“Working with Emily changed my business. Thanks to her support and know-how, I attracted over a thousand new leads to my list. She has a great mind for strategy and is very tech savvy. Because of her my business goals are a reality!”

– Amy Pearson, Live Brazen


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