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Finding Your Focus


Picture this. An entrepreneur is sitting at her desk celebrating a milestone. She has reached 1,000 Facebook fans! She is elated for a brief moment with this achievement that has taken her countless hours; that is until she remembers she hasn’t had a single paying client yet. Sadly, this frustrating tale is actually true, and unfortunately ones like it are far too common in the online world.

Now, I am not knocking social media. Nope. When it’s done right, it’s an excellent tool to help build your business. But, if you need clients immediately, putting your focus on the number of fans, on Facebook or any other social media network, is not going to help you. In fact, I would say that you are entirely on the wrong track!

Metrics are important. And yes, building a business is sometimes definitely about numbers, but not necessarily about social media numbers. It’s about your relationship with those numbers. Building your business takes persistence and no shortage of focus on the correct things.

Ask yourself, where are you focusing your time and attention? What’s really holding you back from building your business or keeping you stuck exactly where you are? Maybe you dream of helping many people, but you simply feel like you have an expensive hobby? If you’re honest with yourself about where your focus is, you’ve taken the first step towards achieving your dream.

Let me share with you some ways I’ve found to keep me focused.

1. Use a timer and schedule in some breaks. Don’t just sit in front of your computer all day! You need to get up, move around, go outside, and take real breaks. Use a timer to help you get stuff done. You know how when you have less time, you somehow seem to be more productive? Why not use that to your advantage?

2. Take time to discover when you are at your best and plan to tackle your biggest challenges/projects at those times. When are you best able to write, talk with clients, and be creative? Know yourself and capitalize on your own unique natural daily flow.

3. Feed and hydrate yourself! It sounds obvious but if you don’t have good health habits, it’s going to be a real struggle to make magic happen in your business.

4. Know your “why” – your purpose. If it has meaning to you and you’re passionate about it, it’s so much easier to focus your attention on it. Personally, I love my work! I get to work with many different women who are doing amazing things in the world. And I love helping them.

5. Do what you love. What about those other necessary tasks that drain your energy and focus? If you can, delegate or ditch them or find a creative way to make them better for yourself. I don’t really enjoy the bookkeeping part of my business but it’s necessary. To make it more palatable for myself, I make a nice cup of my favourite tea before starting. It helps me tackle that task with a positive and productive energy.

6. Have a goal! Goals are great to keep us motivated and excited but make sure your goals will steer you in the right direction. Are 1,000 Facebook fans really going to fill your bank account? You need to have focus and clarity to see the next things you must do and what you must ultimately give your time and attention to in order to grow your business and make money.

In my upcoming free call, I will be teaching “5 Keys to a Profitable Launch“, and sharing from my experience five areas you should focus on in order to make your first or next launch a smashing success! It doesn’t matter whether you’re just beginning your business or if you’re more established – you need to be focusing on the right things in order to make money!

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