Emily Kristofferson

Launch Roadmap

For entrepreneurs who want to plan their first or next big payday

An effective launch is not random, and it’s not luck. There is a system that works. And I can teach you that system, personalized for your business and your services.

In this 3-month personalized program, I will lead you to launch with clarity. I’ll provide you with direction and specific actionable steps (plus so much more!) so that you can maximize sales and grow a successful online business.

You will learn exactly how to launch – whether you’re ready to launch your business or a specific service, product, program or course. When you learn to launch, you get results – not just an understanding of the moving pieces. And once you learn the keys to a successful launch, you can produce those results again and again!

By the end of this 3-month program you will be launching with confidence!


Module 1: Build Your Foundation

There is something that you want to offer your audience and you want to launch it to the world, right? But how do you get your business or your program out there? Where do you start? We begin by picturing the future that is possible for you and your business so that we can create a roadmap.

In this module, we will create a strong foundation for your launch:

  • The REAL reason you must understand your ideal client, the solution you provide and why it’s worth time, attention and money
  • How to look at where you are now vs. your vision so that we can evaluate what you really need to do
  • The keys to your successful launch and achieving your overall business goals
  • A review of marketing essentials and a healthy audit of your current marketing in order to fill in any gaps in your marketing
  • Why you can’t put aside self-care in busy times (and how to incorporate helpful best practices)


Module 2: Pre-Launch

Create a path to reach your goals. Create a successful launch by learning how to do it step-by-step. Here, we’ll organize your brilliant ideas and personal style, along with solid marketing strategy into a launch plan that works for you (and that you can use again and again).

In this module, we will customize a launch plan for your unique business:

  • The secret to looking at marketing as a puzzle (which will end overwhelm)
  • You’ll learn how to use the 3 Ps: Planning, Producing and Promoting – critical pieces of a launch
  • I’ll share with you my personal step-by-step plan to launching online
  • Understand what goes on behind the scenes of a teleseminar or webinar or challenge
  • Build your launch plan using timeless marketing strategies that sell
  • I’ll also share with you my favourite technical resources so you can set up your launch without stress


Module 3: Launch

Implement your launch plan to reach your goals, whether that’s to increase your list, attract clients or enroll clients into a program. You’ll learn how to implement a successful launch that will expand your reach and your income.

In this module, you will implement your launch with ease:

  • The EXACT steps I use to create a launch timeline and marketing calendar
  • Using the 3 Ps (Planning, Producing and Promoting) your first or next teleseminar or webinar or challenge
  • The top mistakes online entrepreneurs make when creating content for their launch (and how to avoid them)
  • Effective ways to build your email list before, during and after your launch
  • Why you must ask for help in promoting your launch – using direct outreach and promotional partners
  • What you must know about using social media and SEO strategies to expand your reach


Module 4: Post-Launch

Once you’ve launched, you will have established credibility and increased your own confidence. Find out how to set the stage for the next steps in your business and to serve even more people.

In this module, you will learn how to fully capitalize on your launch:

  • Make sure that you are delivering your service, program or product in a manner that exceeds your customers’ expectations
  • The keys to adding value and making your offer memorable
  • Why you can’t forget about your customers after the sale
  • Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in order to make your next launch even better
  • The secret to getting compelling testimonials (social proof) you can use for your next launch


Your Launch Roadmap includes:

    • 1 90-minute Kick Start Intensive to lay the foundation for your launch
    • 8 45-minute one-on-one Coaching + Consulting sessions
      • Teaching and content, as needed
      • Tools, explanations, clear examples, resources, exercises and checklists so that your launch is easy to implement
      • Feedback and coaching to access your progress and keep you moving forward
      • Ask any questions when you feel stuck and confirm your next action step
    • Weekly Action & Accountability emails to keep you motivated
    • Access to me via email in between calls so know exactly what you should do next without any doubts
    • Me, as your guide and mentor, helping to translate the vision you have for your launch

You will have everything you need to create and implement an effective marketing and launch plan.

Investment: $2,800 (paid in full) or 3 monthly payments of $950

If you want your launch to go smoothly and have it be your most successful ever, this is the program for you.

Ready to get started? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with me to talk about what you have to share with the world. I will share with you how we can make that happen. Get started here.