Emily Kristofferson


“Emily swooped in and helped me develop my launch plan and took care of all the details. Her knowledge of how to use Facebook ads and Twitter to drive traffic to my free call was invaluable.

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who wants to launch anything. She is extremely organized, has attention to all the details and has the knowledge and skill to help you get sales.”

Sherold Barr

“My launch was a total success. Emily walked me through all that needed to be done and held my hands when I needed it. She helped me implement marketing strategies that were effective but not annoying for my clients. At one point I told her I would be banging my head against the wall if it wasn’t for her and I meant it.

With Emily’s know-how I was able to focus on the content and serving my clients… what I do best. Now my list has grown, I’ve successfully launched and presented my first online class and I’m ready for the next one. This has been one of the best investments in my business yet.”

Wendy Wolfe

“Working with Emily is like having your own private 911 center! She is knowledgeable about all the technical aspects as well as project management details. Going through a launch with Emily’s guidance has made me more confident in my business, and my ability to sell my products & programs. She is an excellent resource for all things launch related.”

Eunice Wharton

Lisa McDonell “Emily was my secret weapon and the best decision I made when it came to launching my first Group Coaching Program. She held my hand through the entire process – giving me clear, effective advice that helped me move from being stressed-out and paralyzed with fear… to results that blew my mind. Implementing Emily’s guidance, I was able to bring my program to life, grow my list size by 55% and enrolled double the number of participants I was hoping for.

I wish I could keep her magical goldmine of information all to myself – but I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is considering a launch.”

Lisa McDonell

EK Amy“Working with Emily changed my business. Thanks to her support and know-how, I have been able to enjoy several five figure launches and host a very successful telesummit that attracted over a thousand of new leads to my list. She’s incredibly on the ball, responsive and professional in everything she does. She has a great mind for strategy and is very tech savvy. I don’t know what I would do without her. Because of her my business goals are a reality!”

Amy Pearson

Ali Rittenhouse“Emily has been a vital part of my team for almost two years now. She has a willingness to learn what your business is about, what your goals and dreams are, and then she helps you accomplish all of that by keeping you organized, helping you pitch, and idealizing your marketing. Launching my fall group of the Geek Labs Technical Training Program for Virtual Assistants was our largest launch together as a working team and it was also my BEST launch with a successful 5 figure launch.

Emily helps you strategize the marketing plan and then helps you with the perfect implementation. She keeps me organized and on top of what is next so that I can keep creating! Did I mention she has also helped me get on TV regularly, featured as the Small Business of the Day for Fox and on stage as a speaker at Spark & Hustle?”

Alicia Rittenhouse

Marla Beck “Emily has become a much valued strategic partner in my business. In our twice-monthly calls, I rely on Emily to help me define my monthly and weekly marketing priorities, think through marketing campaigns step-by-step, and improve the way I deliver my services. What I like most about Emily’s strategy mind is her frankness: she’s great at cutting through overwhelm, delivers spot-on advice with clarity and
compassion, and she has a great sense of humor, as well.

Emily’s a great addition to my team. I recommend her highly.”

Marla Beck

Robyn + Quinn“We could not be happier to have Emily as part of our team. She guided us through our launch with professionalism and insight.  Some of the tasks she created and implemented included creating a detailed calendar, making sure we met every deadline, and thoughtfully laying the groundwork for all of our business communications.  

Emily’s approach was always clear, simple and made it easy for us to shine in our business.  The unique thing about Emily is that she understands the business and the tech side of things which is a rare, wonderful and incredibly valuable combination.  She delivered a product for our audience that was perfectly executed from the technical side and visually compelling. 

We trust her implicitly with every aspect of our business and thank our lucky stars for the ability to work with someone so patient, intelligent and reliable.”

Robyn Youkilis + Quinn Asteak

Andrea testimonial

Flo Grunfelder“I had just launched my business and was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Emily took care of all of that and so much more! This was a huge time saver and helped me tremendously in getting my name out there in the digital world.  Emily is wonderful, helpful and extremely knowledgable, and will be a major plus for your business.

As a result of us working together, my list has grown. I also really appreciated our brainstorming sessions/our weekly calls – I found bouncing ideas with Emily really helpful.”

Flo Grunfelder

Melissa Foster“Working with Emily was like having a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Not only does she really know her stuff; she is detail oriented, leaving no stone unturned. I didn’t feel like I had to go behind her to check the quality of the work she was in charge of. As a business owner, that is an unbeatable feeling. I trust Emily as my partner for important projects. There’s no one else out there like her.”

Melissa Foster

Lorraine“Emily is awesome! She manages all of the detail of everything so well, keeps me on track, and get things done in a way that I just could not make happen. I really appreciate having her on my team.”

Lorraine Faehndrich

Nicola“I hired Emily as my business coach to help me make my new business idea a reality. I have had 6 sessions with her so far and will be launching my new business imminently.

I already have my first paying client! Emily has been a brilliant coach and I know I couldn’t have come this far without her. I have ambitious ideas for my business moving forwards and will definitely need Emily on my side. If you want to be successful and not let anything hold you back, I highly recommend Emily.”

Nicola Potzas

Headshot_Erica“When I began my first session with Emily, I was at the baby stages of developing my coaching practice. I was completely overwhelmed trying to create content, acquire more expertise with social media, and build a website. Just thinking about all the things I had to do totally stressed me out! By working with Emily, I gained tremendous clarity on what was most important. She advised me on what to prioritize first and what to give less attention to.

Throughout our entire time spent working together, Emily consistently provided excellent support and advice. She willingly answered all of the questions I had about starting a coaching business from scratch. After working with her, I now feel much more confident in my ability to start my own coaching practice and have a successful business.”

Erica C.

Jen Levitz“Working with Emily Kristofferson is a dream. In December (2014), she helped me launch my first product which was my best month in business up until at point. I then jumped into her “Multiply Your Email List” program. With my busy schedule in Q1, I’ve only been able to implement maybe 5% of what she has taught us in the program, and I’ve already experienced over 45% growth in my list size.

Emily doesn’t just give you the how, she provides the EXACTLY how with examples that you can model for your own programs. I enthusiastically recommend working with Emily to anyone who is looking to launch a product/program or wants to grow their email list.”

Jen Levitz

Alison Cardy“Before working with Emily I had gone through a launch on my own that didn’t turn well at all. I had put a lot of effort into this solo launch, and it was an incredibly painful blow to not see the results I’d wanted so badly. After this failed launch I felt more timid about launching in general.

Emily’s assistance and encouragement enabled me to give launching another go. Boy am I glad I did! With her help I pulled off an incredibly successful launch that grew my list by over 500 people, increased my income, and boosted my confidence. Plus, the methodology I learned from Emily is serving me with other launches. I’m no longer scared of launching because Emily taught me what to do to be successful.”

Alison Cardy