Emily Kristofferson

Work with Emily

Below are two ways we can work together to get your brilliant ideas into reality and get your business working for YOU.

Private Business Consulting

Feel like you’re floundering, skipping from one thing to the next, and drowning in all of the info that you’ve accumulated?  You don’t need another program, you need targeted help.

This is where we take all of the things you may have heard or learned about growing your online business, but make them work for you.

We’ll get ultra-specific on how you want to expand your mission.  Then we create steps, systems, and sequences to make it happen.

Here are a few things we can work on:

  • filling your practice (and your waiting list) with clients who don’t even blink when you tell them your rates
  • plan a launch so you can maximize sales without pulling your hair out
  • doubling your email list so you can reach more target clients (and change more lives) with each offer
  • upping your income so you can finally leave your other job, renovate the kitchen, or take that family vacation to Hawaii
  • designing a work schedule that works for you, not the status quo, so you can even take Friday’s off worry-free
  • systematizing your business so you can breathe knowing everything is in its place
  • develop a business strategy that fits your unique skills so you can stop comparing yourself to everyone else online

You’ll have a unique strategy and a clear plan of action so you know exactly what needs to be done when. You’ll finally be moving forward (and fast!). I’ll provide you with coaching, training, support, encouragement and accountability as you create a consistent inflow of cash.

Ready to speak to someone who will finally hone in on your strategy?  Click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with me to see if we’re a good fit.


Business Momentum Private Intensive

Have a great business idea (or five)?  You know you want to take action now but you’re overwhelmed on where to start:

Should I just cancel everything for the next month, find a cabin in the woods, and get this thing done?

Should I start dropping hints in my blog first to gauge interest?

Do I need affiliates?  How do I even track those anyway?

Should I find a new assistant?

I know how you feel.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a clear picture of how everything will come into place when you’re “in” your business every day.

That’s why it’s great to bring in the fresh eyes of a business strategist (that’s me!) who can help you evaluate your business, your big idea, your marketing, and put together a clear plan for you to run with or share with your team.  It’s a 3-hour intensive with a 30-minute follow up session to make sure you’re on course.

Ready to take quick action to strategize your business?  Click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session with me to see if we’re a good fit.