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Spring Clean Your Business: Your Digital Toolbox

Over a five-part series, I’m applying spring cleaning to our businesses. There are lots of fresh possibilities that come as a result of letting go and sprucing up.

In each post, I’m going to give you actionable advice to help you move forward this spring in your business.

The digital toolbox is a common area of our businesses that needs a clean up.

I want you to take a look at all the tools you use. Are they actually all being used? You especially want to take a look at the services that you’re paying for and ask yourself if it still makes sense – are they bringing a return, such as freeing up time and energy? If not, stop the payment before it renews again.

People think that running an online business is low on overhead costs, but every subscription we have adds up! And remember that your business needs to make a profit in order to be sustainable (and continue helping those who you serve).

I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who were paying for tools that they weren’t using, or even had two tools that did the same thing, such as two social media scheduling tools or two email marketing services.

One tool you’ll want to be sure to have is a way to back up your computer and your data/work. I’m saving everything on the cloud via Dropbox and Google Drive these days. I do have an external hard drive that I used to use to back up files, but pretty much all work is now saved on the cloud. In the past, I have used a service to back up – Carbonite which is an alternative. I’ve had a couple of times when my computer has died and it would have been crippling to my business had all my data been trapped on a hard drive sitting on a Geek Squad shelf!

So take some time to take an inventory of the tools, both free and paid, in your business. Tools are always changing and it’s easy to get lost in thinking that you need to find the “right” tool but this isn’t a place you want to be focusing on or get stuck in.

I just want you to consider if you’re actually using it, and if it’s helping you grow your business which means is the tool helping you to do revenue-generating activities in some way.

Let me know if I can support you around choosing the right tools for your stage of business and situation.


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