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Spring Clean Your Business: Your Physical Environment

I know it’s technically been spring for a few weeks now, but it hasn’t felt like it here yet. I love spring! I love opening up the windows, getting outside more, and doing some decluttering in my home. To me, spring is a time to clean up and come alive!

Over a five-part series, I’m applying spring cleaning to our businesses. There are lots of fresh possibilities that come as a result of letting go and sprucing up.

In each post, I’m going to give you actionable advice to help you move forward this spring in your business.

We’re going to start with actually cleaning! It’s likely the biggest task, so I thought I would start here.

I know, not fun, but your physical space – the environment in which you work plays such a big part in your success.

Do you have a lot of clutter around you? Are there stacks of paper to file, or receipts to organize, or other clutter around you while you work?

Sometimes, the best self-care can be to turn on the timer and take 15 mins before you start to work to clean up around you. I find that my mind is so much clear when my physical space is clear around me, so sometimes I just pick things up before I begin my work day. But spring cleaning is usually deeper than spending 15 minutes to tidy up. If you need to, I encourage you to block off time this week to do more.

I’ve been doing this over the last few weeks. I’ve throwing out and donating so much stuff that I don’t need or we just don’t use. I don’t have stacks of paper, but I do have a messy cupboard filled to the brim with office supplies that I really don’t use all that often – I want to tackle that cupboard this week.

Now, I know you likely won’t enjoy doing this, but once you do it, you’re going to feel so good, and I’ve found it frees up so much energy! I make it fun by putting on my favourite music really loud and singing along. I also don’t try to do it all in one go. I do a little at a time and it adds up.

You could also include some actual cleaning, like I need to wipe this screen of my laptop, and I’d like to get one of those containers of air to spray my keyboard.

For you, this may be dusting your desk, moving furniture to clean around and underneath, or disinfecting all surfaces. Banishing dust bunnies perhaps.

What does cleaning up your physical space mean for you? And how could you make the time to do some decluttering this week?

You may also want to do some brightening up of your physical space by painting the walls, adding a nice scented candle, or my favourite – an essential oil diffuser, or finding an inspirational picture to hang or just bringing in some fresh flowers to enjoy.


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