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Spring Clean Your Business: Your Website

Over a five-part series, I’m applying spring cleaning to our businesses. There are lots of fresh possibilities that come as a result of letting go and sprucing up.

In each post, I’m going to give you actionable advice to help you move forward this spring in your business.

On to our next area of spring cleaning in our business!

Now, this is an area that I am hesitant around because I feel like way too many entrepreneurs put such as a strong priority on – it’s their website. Either they think they need a pretty website right away, so they’re investing big $, or they are DIYing it and it’s taking them months to complete (and too many think it needs to be perfect before they do all of the actual tasks that are going to bring in clients and cash). Your website is important, but you shouldn’t get bogged down in it and allow it to prevent you from moving forward.

Here’s my opinion from what I’ve seen with countless entrepreneurs – you don’t need a pretty website to get clients! And your first website is never going to be your last. As you get going, you’re going to be learning so much which will help you refine your messaging and form a brand.

Most often, the clients with the plain websites are making the most money, and it’s the ones with the fancy coding/plugins/images that come to me wondering why they don’t have clients. So let me just bust the myth that you can set up a fancy/pretty website and think you’ll get clients.

In the beginning of my business, I had a few clients come to me and I set up a basic website for them. ALL of them were left scratching their head wondering what’s next. That’s what lead me to do consulting because it doesn’t work to put up a website and then think the clients will just come – pretty or not.

So anyway… I do feel like spring is a great time to freshen up your copy. Take a read over the main pages of your website and ask yourself if it still speaks to your ideal client and the work you do.

Is it easy to navigate? Is there clutter that could be removed? It can be simple, but effective.

Then block off some time to update the copy, or even better hire some help if you’re able to do so. What I like to do is write it myself first so that’s it is my ideas and in my voice, and then have someone else edit it. That’s my preference because I feel that writing is a valuable skill to have as you are evolving in your business and finding your message/voice/unique position.

If you’re looking for help, I recommend Kate Anthony and you can learn more about her writing services here. She can write for you or edit your writing and I love her work because she has a solid understanding of marketing and online business.

While you’re looking over your website, I also suggest that you check that all links are working. I use a plugin to do this – Broken Link Checker. This is an easy (and free) option if you’re using WordPress for your website. It searches your website and gives you a link of the links that are broken or taking a long time to load.

You may also want to do the same thing on your social media profiles. Maybe you need to update your bio or description to better reflect where you are now. Remember, all this should send consistent message.

There is a sequence to growing your business and if you’re not making enough money yet, don’t get lost with your website.

What changes do you feel you need to make? Do you have a website and you’re wanting feedback? Drop the link in the comments below.


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