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Virtual Assistants: Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

Earlier this summer I was helping a client hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help with her social media-related tasks, as I’ve done for some of the best coaches in the business.

As I usually do, I put together a job description with an application form, and posted it in a few Facebook groups.

Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, we received 288 applications!

Oddly, I always hear entrepreneurs say they have trouble finding a VA, yet the number of applications we received for this job would indicate that there are plenty of VAs out there!

As I went through the applications, I started to see the problem. I was shocked by how many obvious mistakes VAs made when applying for this position. And what’s more, I’ve see these same mistakes over and over again when I’ve helped clients hire in the past!

I spoke with my friend and colleague Lisa McDonell about it and found out that she’s encountered these same mistakes over and over again as well. So we got busy putting together a list of the Top 10 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make When Attracting Clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new VA looking to get your first client or you’re a more experienced VA wanting to expand your client roster — you could be guilty of these mistakes, and leaving money on the table!

Because I’m so serious about helping passionate coaches and service providers get the support they need and because I know that there are many entrepreneurs out there who need you, Lisa and I have decided to host a free workshop just for Virtual Assistants in which we’ll share our list, and show you exactly what to do instead so that you don’t have potential clients running in the opposite direction!

In the workshop I’ll also tell the story of how we whittled what ended up being 300 applications (!) down to the 1 perfect hire. What’s interesting is that what I saw wasn’t too far off from what I’ve seen almost every single time I’ve hired (and I have hired countless VAs).

By they way, I’ve known Lisa for 6 years, and she’s been a full-time self-employed VA that entire time. She filled her business quickly with clients, and she also coaches and mentors other VAs to do the same.

Click here to join us for the “Top 10 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make When Attracting Clients (and What to Do Instead)”.

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