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comfort zoneAs you begin planning a launch, you will want to consider how you can create buzz. Your launch could be of a new business or service or program or product or blog or podcast (or even a re-launch).  Generating attention in a concentrated amount of time is quite achievable. But to do so, you may need to go beyond your comfort zone.

Last week I reached out to an entrepreneur, who I had been following for many months, to ask about being a guest in her ongoing weekly interview series. This is something I had never done for my own business until now. I noticed she hadn’t had a guest on the topic that I would want to share about. I felt that it would be a good fit (as well as beneficial for her audience too).

So, I sent a quick email that included my proposed topic, some background info (specific to her) and asked what the next steps would be. My request was simple and to the point. And (this is important!) I personalized it for her (beyond just changing a name).  My email was a real email – not a form letter being sent to a few people. The other important thing I included was why I thought it would be a win for her too.

Sometimes it can be scary to put yourself out there and ask for what you want. A lot of times, my clients are hesitant to contact someone about posting on their blog or asking them for an interview or to promote on their behalf as an affiliate. But the truth is… it doesn’t hurt to ask. What’s the worst that could happen??? They say, “No thanks.” Some of my clients have gotten amazing opportunities just from simply asking.

As someone who has done the asking, and has been on the other end helping some successful online entrepreneurs with their businesses, (who get a lot of requests themselves)… here are further tips.

  • Keep it short – No more than three short paragraphs. And NO attachments or long stories.
  • Personalize it – Why them? Do you like or follow their work? Show some interest. Trust me, it’s really obvious when you are sending the exact same request to more than one person.
  • Keep it simple – Be clear about what you want.
  • Stay professional – Don’t act like a groupie. It’s okay to be passionate and offer praise, but remember your reason for contacting them.
  • Not Q & A – NEVER ask for general advice – that’s why you pay the person to work with them.
  • Win/Win – What’s in it for them and their audience?

For a successful launch, you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and do some asking of your own. So to create buzz, your step #1 is…just ask.

By the way, if you want to ask, I would be excited to do interviews/guest blog posts on marketing and launching online.  Ask me by sending an email to info@emilykristofferson.com!

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