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When’s the best time to launch?

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Are you ready (or not) to launch, but are worried about when the best time would be?

Personally, I have heard repeatedly that December is not the time to launch. In December, people are supposedly too focused on the holidays and they’re less likely to invest in themselves or in their businesses. Also, they aren’t in the right frame to start a program or a coaching engagement. Sound familiar? You’ve likely also heard people say (or thought it yourself) that there are better times to launch! There is a fraction of truth to it, and we’ll get to that, but if you are using timing as a reason for not launching…you need to reconsider!

Last week I supported a client in a launch that has set her up for success for the first half of 2014. She filled her program! I have another client who I helped launch her program and it’s running right until Dec 18th.  Her goal was to have 18-20 people – she has 41 paid participants.

The timing of your launches depends a lot on who your ideal client is and what you’re offering. Don’t wait a couple months if your ideal client is ready now. The truth is, you can almost always come up a seemingly good reason to put off launching. There’s not going to be a perfect time on your calendar. You can’t let that hold you back. Whether your offer is perfect or not, or whether it’s December or summertime, I feel you just need to do it and get it out there!

Far too many entrepreneurs use “timing” as an excuse. Let’s be honest, it’s really just fear. Fear your offer will flop. Fear you’ll fall on your face embarrassed. Fear all the time and money you’ve invest will be wasted. I know launching can be scary. I get it – putting yourself out there. But you’ve got to distinguish legitimate reasons to delay versus fear-based justifications.

In terms of timing, your main concern should be planning ahead. You need to think it through and map it all out before you even start to launch. I’ve heard many stories about how overwhelming it was or you have given up, all because there was not adequate time invested in planning the launch piece by piece. (Also, don’t fall into the trap of thinking if you build it they will come.)  Ideally, you should plan 3 months before your launch. If you do that, you may feel launching is fun!

There are things you can be doing before you even start planning your launch. Getting clear on who your ideal client is should be at the top of your list. You can also be communicating consistently to the people on your list, building relationships with possible promotional partners, even testing your offer.

What do you want to launch to the world and when will you? Let me know in the comments!


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