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Emily Kristofferson is a Business Strategist for entrepreneurs who can’t figure out how to get to the next income tax bracket without burning their business or themselves to the ground. She shows them how to manage their energy along with simplified strategy and purposeful planning so that they can get back to loving their business once again.

Emily has been behind the scenes of many online coaching and service-based businesses for over 10 years now -- she’s seen what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly: WHY. She also brings a unique background of eating psychology and integrative nutrition.

When she’s not helping her clients make their ideas a reality, Emily is a doting dog mom and an aspiring yogi, always looking for what new adventure may lie around the corner.

“the magic of emily is her
range of talent.

From helping me make the best decisions in my business, supporting with strategy, and making sure nothing (and I mean zero!) falls through the cracks, my energy gets to focus on serving clients and growing the company. We're on our way to over $500K this year and I couldn't do it without Emily! Hire her.”

- marisa corcoran, copy mentor


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